As an Independent Financial Advisor you need a Broker-Dealer that truly partners with you in supporting your business in order to achieve your goals and vision. Geneos takes that partnership very seriously. Our commitment to helping our advisors achieve their goals is what drives us every day.

A Partner You Can Count On

A successful partnership is achieved only when both parties are truly satisfied and trust that they are both looking out for each others best interests. At Geneos, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our employees go the extra mile to partner with not just the advisor but their entire team. We understand that our advisors success directly impacts our success. Our commitment to our advisors, their staff and their goals is unwavering.

The Last Broker-Dealer Change You Will Ever Make

Making a Broker-Dealer change is rarely a key part of a successful advisors long term vision. Advisors that have chosen to partner with Geneos know they can focus their efforts on their long term goals rather than short term distractions.

Commitment to the Independent Advisor

Successful advisors are faced with constant challenges and pressures to offer the best independent advice they can to their clients. Geneos is committed to providing our advisors with the best tools, products and technology in the marketplace to meet and exceed those goals.