The independent Broker-Dealer marketplace is crowded and often confusing as to who is offering what? At Geneos we are re-defining what a true independent Broker-Dealer should be and more importantly, not be.

There When You Need Us - Hands Off When You Don't

Your Broker-Dealer should be your full service resource center to assist you with questions, issues and anything that may arise in your business. It should not be a source of constant marketing pitches, overbearing compliance and requests to participate in offerings you have no interest in. Geneos feels that by offering world class service, dependable accessibility, common sense, efficient technology, we are what a true partner should be.

A Back Office that Really Knows You and Your Business

Do you know the people you are talking with when you call your current Broker-Dealer? Do they know you? At Geneos we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with all of our advisors. Our seasoned, experienced team, from the senior management down are always available for our advisors and their staff. When you call the home office you have the assurance that you know the people you are calling and more importantly, they know you.

True Independence and Stability

In an environment where small to mid sized Broker-Dealers are either shutting their doors or being acquired by larger, typically corporate parent owned firms there is still a great demand by elite advisors for a stabile, privately held, truly independent choice. Geneos is that choice. Being privately held by both our advisors and employees and maintaining a healthy balance sheet through our industry's recent turmoil uniquely positions Geneos as one of the premier independent Broker-Dealer destinations.