Geneos has partnered with Laserfiche to provide our advisors with a turnkey, fully integrated document imaging solution. Our document management system connects branches electronically to the home office facilitating efficient, high-speed, low-cost document submission and retrieval. This time and resource saving solution replaces the archaic paper filing systems. Access to your electronic documents is fully integrated with Nexus, allowing you to quickly coordinate your electronic documents and your administrative tasks.

Electronic document storage eliminates labor-intensive filing affording advisors and their staffs the advantage of point-and-click navigation and document searches. In essence, Laserfiche software enables you to manage thousands of records – yet retrieve the one you need in seconds.

In addition to the document management system, Geneos offers an annual snapshot of all your documents burned to a CD or DVD for advisors’ long-term retention needs. This valuable tool features the same interface and searchability as our online system, all from a single disc.